Located on the corner of Albert St. and Green St.

in the historic district of West Salem,

in the City of Arts and Innovation

that is Winston-Salem, NC



The Art/apartment charms and comforts with touches of low key Old Hollywood, tucked away for safe keeping.

Artworks featured by Zac Trainor, Chandra Noyes, Zach McCraw, Greg Vore and Haydee Thompson

Comfortable oversized King Bed, Strong Wifi and AC, Prism Rainbows in the afternoon and Streaming channels. This lovely space is clean and unique.



the whimsical Rose Room and Art Salon consists of four spaces. the least subtle of which holds this apartments name sake! Painted by renowned mural artist Gina Franco, this bedroom keeps you safe in pure bold fantasy.  Dining room salon features a small and intimate art gallery with rotating exhibitions. Current show: Liz Simmons "Vulture Series".